The New Wing provides modern facilities in a traditional atmosphere . Internet access is available with 500JPY . Please feel free to reserve on the reception . ( P.S. Own personal computer is necessary )

Room Kitcho , featuring a traditional Japanese style room , from where we can have a look at the whole content of hotel .

Room 7 , a simple and functional bed-room .

Weekday double occupancy single occupancy japanese/western style
Kitcho 16,500yen(18,700yen) 13,200yen(16,500yen) japanese style
Matsukaze 13,200yen(16,500yen) 9,350yen(10,450yen) western style
Akafuji 13,200yen(16,500yen) 9,350yen(10,450yen) western style
Karakasa 16,500yen(18,700yen) 13,200yen(16,500yen) japanese style
No.7 12,100yen(15,400yen) 8,250yen(9,350yen) western style
Inamura 16,500yen(18,700yen) 13,200yen(16,500yen) western style
No.3 13,200yen(16,500yen) 9,350yen(10,450yen) western style

★ Toilets and Bathrooms are shared between all the rooms in The Original Wing . But there are individual toilets and bathrooms in room Ajisai , Rindo and Fujinoma .

★ Standard weekday rates are followed by Saturday and Holliday rates in brackets .

★ Check-in is between 15:00~19:00 . Check-out is at 10:00

★ Please call for detail on the rates for New Year's , the Golden Week , the Bon Festival and Fireworks' Festival.

★ Child Discount (0~4year)  : ¥0
Child Discount (4~12year) :  ¥3,300 for weekday、 ¥4,400 for holiday/weekend .

★ Cancelation: Please inform us within 5 days of your reservation to avoid cancellation fee.

★ Parking fees: ¥1,000 per day .


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