The original wing was designated an important historic site by Kamakura City in 2004.

Washing stand of Room Onari. A retro-styled floral print tells the customer the history of this hotel.

Room Onari , featured with large window and tall ceiling .

  (JPY\15,000 / two  persons , weekday )


Room Haikaradori , which has been taken up on the television .

  Weekday double occupancy single occupancy japanese/western style
Annex Ajisai 11,000yen(14,000yen) 6,000yen(8,000yen) japanese style
  Rindo Ask / japanese style for group
2 F Komachi 11,000yen(15,000yen) 7,000yen(8,000yen) western style
  Sakura 13,000yen(16,000yen) 8,000yen(9,000yen) western style
  Hokkikou 13,000yen(16,000yen) 8,000yen(9,000yen) western style
  Haikaradori 11,000yen(15,000yen) 7,000yen(8,000yen) japanese style
  Yukinoshita 10,000yen(14,000yen) 6,000yen(7,000yen) western style
  Tenku 11,000yen(15,000yen) 7,000yen(8000yen) japanese style
  Sasame 10,000yen(14,000yen) 6,000yen(7,000yen) japanese style
1 F Onari 15,000yen(17,000yen) 9,000yen(10,000yen) western style
   Nishimikado 12,000yen(15,000yen) 7,000yen(8,000yen) western style
  Matsunoma Ask / japanese style for group
  Takenoma 8,000yen(9,000yen) 5,000yen(6,000yen) western style
  Umenoma 6,000yen(8,000yen) 4,200yen(5,250yen) western style
  Fujinoma 8,000yen(9,000yen) 5,000yen(6,000yen) annex / western style
  Nanten 6,000yen(7,000yen) 4,200yen(5,000yen) annex / western style

★ Toilets and Bathrooms are shared between all the rooms in The Original Wing . But there are individual toilets and bathrooms in room Ajisai , Rindo and Fujinoma .

★ Standard weekday rates are followed by Saturday and Holliday rates in brackets .

★ Check-in is between 15:00~19:00 Check-out is at 10:00

★ Please call for detial on the rates for New Year's , the Golden Week , the Bon Festival and Fireworks' Festival .

★ Child Discount (4~12year) : ¥0 (0~4year) 、 ¥3,000 for weekday、 ¥4,000 for holiday/weekend .

★ Cancelation: Please inform us within 5 days of your reservation to avoid cancellation fee.

★ Parking fees: ¥1,000 per day .

Charge for Facilities use

★ Hall (gallery/photo) rental rates: ¥8,000 (2 hours)

★ Usage for rest: ¥4,000(2 hours/single) ¥6,000(2 hours/twin)

★ It may be unable to use according to reservation status on the day.


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